Joululoma, Winter Holiday, Weihnachtsferien

Olemme joululomalla 22.12.-2.1.2012.

Luovan valokuvauksen keskuksen näyttely STILLS jatkuu
Galleria on avoinna tiistaista lauantaihin klo 13-18.

Iloista Joulua ja Onnea Uudelle Vuodelle!
SUOMESTA galleria
We are on winter holiday
from 22nd of December 2011 to 2nd of January 2012.

Exhibition STILLS by The Centre for Creative Photography will continue from 3th to 14th January 2012.
Gallery is open from Thuesday till Saturday 1-6pm.

Merry Chistimas and Happy New Near!
SUOMESTA galleria
Wegen Weihnachtsferien haben wir 22. Dezember bis einschliesslich 2. Januar 2012 geschlossen.

Die Ausstellung STILLS, vom The Centre for Creative Photography wird anschliessend bis zum 14. Januar fortgeführt und kann zu den regulären Öffnungszeiten, Dienstag bis Samstag von 13 – 18 Uhr besichtigt werden.

Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünscht,
SUOMESTA galleria

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Pekka Suomäki

Pekka Suomäki is an artist from Korpilahti who works with the combination of objects and photography. Various techniques are used to transfer images onto different wooden surfaces. The photographs used in this series are archival photographs from the Finnish Civil War (1914 –1918).


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Aino-Kaarina Pajari

The series Influences of Africa is the result of a trip to Benin made in 2004, where I spent one month in Grand Popo at the Villa Karo artist residency. There, I photographed people, landscapes and small details of life around me. I also photographed my own shadows drawn in the red sand, the scratched [...]

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Jyrki Markkanen

14 Images from series Pause 1

Pictures of old and deserted cafes, bars and gasoline stations on wayside, all those precious things I expect to see when I am driving around.
One by one they disappear, loose the fight against huge
shoppingentertainmentstations or what ever they are, ugly and stupid blocks with big parking areas.

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Emma Lappalainen

In taking pinhole pictures, I am attaching myself to the present and the moods of the moment. Outlined by the existence of non-organic forms, is a puzzle-like space where people adapt themselves to the current time, modify their environment, decoupling the old layers and packing them up into the framework of the new requirements. Events and the experience of emptiness, are the scene of an open space waiting patiently for someone or something to fill them.

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”Looking for Landscape”
is a new entity of work on which I am currently working. The
idea of visualizing the experience of landscape radically changed when I had to buy a new telephone to replace my old broken one. I left my professional equipment behind and went on an expedition with my phone. As often happens, this game turned into work somewhere along the way.

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Juho Jäppinen

As a photographer, I am interested in the role of the subject and the importance of the person posing as subject. Who is the real person; what is their relationship to the photographer; who controls their identity; what was the context in which the photo was taken; what does the image make us remember? In the series, Memories, I am melting the superficial identity of the subject into the background. These portraits are my private memories.

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Maija Holma

Not the decisive, but some other moment,
the one that I didn’t quite notice.
I took the photo, affected by indecision,
out of bluntness.
Astonishment after years: The image turns out to be of
presence and seeing.
Wanting to tell strikes dumb,
the image springs up from
the grief of dumbness and longing for presence.
The world forgets us all,
forgets its mass.
I love the one that forgets me, in its arms.

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