Terhi Heino’ s beautifull exhibition Sculptures and Installations is open last day Saturday 27th of August. Gallery will be open normaly from 1 pm but we stay open as long as we can.
Herzlich Willcommen!

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Petteri Cederberg

born 1976 Espoo, works in Helsinki

Hyperfantastic traces and colours that extend over the boundaries of reality. Be prepared for an adventure, for you are sure to be disappointed. Come quick – the traces have almost disappeared. The exhibition displays drawings and an animation about the side of the thought that there is no words for. Often when working I loose myself and realize that I am merely a passenger that watches the creation of my works. The process behind the origins of an idea never truly reveals itself.

Still images from an animation “Sequence” 2011


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Lotta Hänninen

Lotta Hänninen
(b. 1984 in Vantaa, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki.
I work with painting.
I’m interested in observations of an everyday life: make up, gym pants and denim fabrics, patterns and logos as colours and shapes.
As a painter I reduce, add, colour and erase until there is left only the essential.
Into the gallery I will bring [...]

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