Terhi Heino – Sculptures and Installations

Organic, biodegradable and recycled materials are the foundation for Terhi Heino’s (b.1970) work whose first Berlin exhibition of sculptures and installations opens at SUOMESTA galleria on Friday 5th of August, 2011. Heino combines materials that are less often used in visual art, e.g. fish fins, used tea bags and biodegradable cellophane. Heino`s works are born from simple and everyday materials into sculptures and reliefs that are specially designed for the exhibition space. At first glance her works may seem rather familiar but there is something abnormal either in the materials the works are made of or in their disposition in the gallery space. This contradiction creates another reality and existence for the art pieces, for example, in the works «A Party» the cellophane prisms placed in circular formation transposes trict formalism onto the edge of playfull decorativeness. The physical sence of the material faces out, and the work begins to appear as visual relationships constituted by artificial lightning, changing natural light and shadows. The boundaries between the wall on witch the work is shown and the volume of the work itself becomes blurred in the illusory play of light and shadow. Terhi Heino has graduated from The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. She has taken part in many museum and gallery exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, for example in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Spike Island, an Art Space in Bristol and Helsinki Kunsthalle, Pori Art Museum. http://www.muu.fi/terhiheino/