Leo Koivistoinen 07.05.-28.05.2011

This exhibition at Suomesta continues the ongoing thread in Leo Koivistoinen’s work of subversion, of the apparent disparity between the familiar and the unfamiliar, of the slight of hand and juxtaposition that upsets this. By making subtle interventions into how the subjects of his pieces are received (the horror film transplanted to neutral ground, the towering pile of books) Koivistoinen reflects on the relationships and distinctions between the dramatic and the mundane, the familiar and the unfamiliar.

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SUOMESTA galleria is delighted to inform that Marjo Levlin´s beautifull exhibition HÄUSER is open extra days so you can see it till 1.5.
Gallery is open exeptionally early and late during weekend.
Music and special program on friday and saturday after 6 pm.

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